Thursday, July 7, 2016

Postcards Anyone?

Sshhhhh.... I know.  It's the middle of summer for most of us. That doesn't stop my teacher brain from spinning though. The only way to stop it is to do something 'teacher-y'. Thus, the reason I'm posting!

My students always love doing postcard exchanges.  The new school year is just around the corner and I've started my search for a new exchange to join. I've actually found a few, but the California slot always seems to be taken!  So, I've decided to be a bit proactive and have started a NEW postcard exchange just so I can claim California! Ta-Da!  I would love to have you join me!

What's in it for you?  Just 50 fabulous postcards to share with your class from across this great country of ours (Washington, D.C. is included)!  Think about all the places they'll see and all the things they'll learn!  I post a map of the U.S. on the wall.  As we receive our postcards, we put them up around the edge of the map with a string attached from postcard to state.  Did I mention that the kids LOVE this?

What do you have to do?  First, go to the Life in Room 15's Elementary Postcard Exchange to see if your state is available.  If it is, just fill out the required information!  If you're from a country other than the U.S., feel free to join in. Just add your info at the bottom of the doc.

What will you need? Obviously, you're going to need 50 postcards and 50 stamps!  My students love to donate both. I just remind them that the postcard has to be related to our state or our local area.

Then what?  When you're ready to send your postcards (save the link to the Google Doc!), write your school's name, your grade level, and some interesting facts about your state or hometown.  Pop the postcards in the mail by the end of September if you can.

Finally... wait patiently for the mailman to arrive!