Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bark Mulch, QR Codes, and 7 Days to Go!

Whew!  Where did the year go?  Obviously, it wasn't spent tending to my little blog.  I figure I might as well try to get in one final post for this school year.

Here's a little bit about what's been going on lately...

We welcomed this little man into the world last week.  His name is Will. He's our second grandbaby and first grandson.  

On the school front, our 5th grade student council decided to tackle a rather dismal area outside of our classrooms.  Here's the transformation: 

It's looked like this for YEARS!

We were able to get much of our materials donated through both Lowes and Home Depot.
Our student council ran a Flower Fund drive that raised about $40.

The daughter part of this mother-daughter fifth grade team.

Planting time!

Relaxing in the 5th grade reading garden.
I need to get a better 'after' photo that includes the flower pots and colorful Dollar Store pinwheels.  The kids LOVE coming out here to read and it's not uncommon for teachers to stop by to hang out after dismissal.  

I tried something new last week!  Laura Candler recently listed her Team Scoot activity on TPT.  My kids tested it out and reported back to Laura with their thoughts on the activity.  They LOVED it!  You can read more about it here on Laura's Corkboard Connections.  

We'll be using Team Scoot on Tuesday as we try out Laura's new Fractions of Whole Numbers Task Cards.  I just printed and laminated the cards with the QR code answers on the back.  I may be a bit behind the times, but I've just recently fallen in love with QR codes. 

We have our Outlandishly Odd Olympics coming up this week. Kids sign up for 3-5 events and we spend the morning giggling our way through the various competitions.  

A few of the activities are self explanatory, but I'll briefly explain the others.  

Tower of Cups requires students to creatively stack the greatest number of cups to the greatest height.  We bought packages of brightly colored, shot glass sized plastic cups from Dollar Store. 

In Snowball Shoveling, students are blindfolded and have to shovel cotton balls from one bucket to another.  

For A Bit Dicey, they hold a popsicle stick or tongue depressor in one hand and try to stack as many dice on it as they can without the dice toppling over. Greatest number of stacked dice wins.

Speed Crab is a race across the room in the crab position.

Bean-o is always a favorite.  Students each have a straw and a pile of uncooked beans.  Using suction through the straw, they have to move as many beans as they can from their pile into a cup.  Whoever moves the most beans wins!  Just make sure the beans are too big to actually go into the straws!

Field Goal is a paper football 'kicking' contest.  Winner is the one with the longest 'kick'.  You remember flicking those with your fingers in math class, right?

Noodling Around requires students to place one end of a piece of uncooked spaghetti in their mouth.  Penne pasta is scattered on the desktop. They try to 'spear' as many penne noodles onto their spaghetti spear as they can.  First to pick up all of their penne pasta wins.

Math Maniacs pits students against each other as they try to solve 5 different math problems.  First one with all five answers correct wins. 

For Word-it, we give students a word and they try to make as many other words using the letters as possible.  Not sure what the word is going to be this year. Scoring is based on the number of letters per word. 

Tanner Trivia has a new look to it this year.  Obviously, students have to answer trivia questions about me.  Usually, I give them a worksheet with the questions on it.  Not this year!  Remember me saying that I've fallen in love with QR codes?  Yep.  The questions are embedded in QR codes on cards that will be posted around the room.  Kiddos will find the cards, scan the codes, and answer the questions in their nifty little Secret Agent books.  I hope they are half as excited about it as I am!  

Alright, now that I've finished this post, I've got some catching up to do on my blog reading.  Wishing all of you a relaxing rest of your three day weekend.