Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Whole Different Flavor for Saturday Snapshots and How to Spend 73.5 Cents

 , what a difference a week makes!  Last week I was camping by a gorgeous lake and this week....well, I'm not.  The scenery was a bit less scenic this week.  I'm still linking up with Miss Nelson though!

Every June we are asked to stack our chairs and push our desks and tables to the perimeter of the room because a crew will be coming in to 'deep clean'.  The crew's idea of 'deep cleaning' and mine are very, very different, but that's a whole 'nother subject!  We are also asked to post a floor map of how we want our room to be set up after the 'not-so-deep' cleaning.  So I drew it and taped it to the white board.  I wish I had saved it to show you what the room would have looked like had they looked at my neatly drawn map, but here's what I found on Monday:

The map showed nice little groups, not rows.  The mess on the front two rows is my doing.  I obviously unloaded some of my back to school treasures before snapping a few pictures.  I decided I had to be color coordinated with my poly binders this year.  LOVE the colors!

That world map that you see leaning against the white board has countries on it that no longer exist.  It is probably close to qualifying as an antique. You can see my floor plan map taped on the board to the left of the antique world map.  Proof that it was there!

Looking at this picture reminds me that I need to bring something to fix that drawer handle on my desk!

Ugh.  I have work to do.

So this is my coffee view THIS Saturday as opposed to my view LAST Saturday.  My kitchen table isn't looking any better than my classroom this morning.  Can you find Waldo?  No, he's not really in there, but you can see my life on this table.  Receipts, a pile of papers to file...yea right, who am I kidding? nail polish, ribbon, a laminator, my Fitbit, unfinished projects, my iPad, a Really Good Stuff catalogue in case I need more really good stuff, and my car keys in case i find time to escape.

And I managed to escape! Our little town has a great Peddlars' Faire on First Street (our version of Main St.)  My daughter and I enjoyed a stroll through the fair this morning and shared this:

I love funnel cake.  I probably haven't had it in years, but it was as yummy as I remember it!  I found this adorable scarf that I just had to have.  It's covered with colorful books! LOVE it!

Ahhhhhh... aromatherapy.  I bought these essential oil sprays.  The 40 Winks For You is lavender based and the Serenity Now has frankencense, spruce, and orange.    Mmmmmmm.  

That's it for my Saturday Snapshots.  Run over to Miss Nelson's to check out much more interesting photos!

Now to change gears. . .
What can you buy for 3 quarters?  They've cut our monthly supply budget in half which means that I now have 73.5 cents to spend on each child in my classroom each month.  The only thing we're given for supplies during the year are 2-3 class sets of Expo markers.  Everything else comes out of our classroom budget: binder paper, construction paper, pencils, crayons, Xerox paper, etc.  If it isn't a text book or a published consumable, then it's paid for with our classroom budget.  73.5 cents isn't going to go very far to keep these kids in supplies.  Time to organize a pencil and paper drive!  

I'll end this with a little bit of Gus.  I'm going to miss hanging out with the Wild Ones!



  1. Lori, what a change from last week's pictures. I know you are missing your vacation now that "real life" is setting back in. We have to stack our stuff to one corner of the room before we leave. I didn't follow the rules and put mine in the middle of the carpet. I got in trouble from the cleaning crew. :( We have to put everything back out ourselves. I opted not to take as much off the walls as I normally do...breaking rules again. I also decided not to take apart my bookshelves and books. Learned my lesson about breaking that rule. My shelves are soaked from the leaking air conditioner. The funnel cake looks yumm-o and Gus is so smart!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your bookshelves and books! As it turned out, it didn't matter that the crew failed to adhere to my nifty floor plan. I rearranged things this year...out of necessity. I needed to fit one more group of 6 into my already crowded room. 34 kids. Ugh.

  2. OOOH. I love funnel cake. That looks so good. I know what you mean about the "Deep Cleaning". I had open house last night, and as of 4:00 pm, the little window in my door still had greasy face prints on it from last year and I was looking at the top of my big book case the other day. It was COVERED in dust. Ick. Ick. Ick. I wish I would have taken pictures of how gross things were after the summer "clean". But when a skittle can lay in the floor for about 3 weeks before it gets swept up, I should learn not to expect too much. :)

    1. Sarah,

      When we were in more of a budget crunch, our rooms were vacuumed once every two weeks. eww. At least now it's once a week.

  3. I would have been so mad... It happens to me all the time. That craft fair looks like so much fun. Now I'm craving funnel cake.

    1. It was a wonderful way to spend my last 'free' Saturday!

  4. They stack our desks and tables up on each other, on the counters completely off the floor. It's a huge pain to get them down and put them where they should be. It's an automatic 45 minutes down the drain. And that's for me (I'm a 6'1" tall man), I've always wondered how I would manage to get the big tables down if I were a smaller person with no friends to help...

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    1. Nick,
      I ran into a problem 3 years and 3 surgeries ago for a similar reason. Boxes of new curriculum were stacked on my back counter. Now, I suppose I could have waited and called someone to help me, but I was impatient and wanted the boxes emptied and gone so I could get my room finished. I was on my tippy toes taking the top one off the stack when it slipped. The end result has been 3 shoulder surgeries, a repaired rotator cuff, and a relocated biceps tendon. I'm NOT a fan of anything stacked up off the floor!

  5. I'm right there with you. My dinning room table looks the same. I spent my whole Saturday working in my classroom. I got my first good night sleep in a week. Lots more to do, but at least I have a plan.

  6. I am dreading walking into my classroom in two weeks! They have privatized the custodial staff, so I don't know what to expect! The street fair looks fun and I love me some funnel cake!