Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sweet Deals

One of my earliest memories of Back to School Shopping (I'm capitalizing it because it's like a holiday season for me), was picking out my new lunch box.  I was so excited, but a bit overwhelmed by having to choose only ONE of those shiny metal lunchboxes.  This is the one I settled on:


Well, it's now MANY years later and I still love Back to School Shopping season!  This season is even more fun as I'm helping my daughter set up a classroom of her very own.  She was a reading intervention teacher last year, but is joining the fifth grade team this August.  

Here are a few sweet deals we found yesterday:

This week, Staples has a couple of 50% off coupons.  One is for Paper Mate writing products.  

These Paper Mate medium point Flair pens are a personal favorite of mine.  They were $14 in the store (I will say I would never pay THAT much for them).  With the 50% off coupon in hand, I can now grade papers with a bit of color for only $7.  

Next on the list was Avery labels.  I hand out 10 labels to each of my students and have them label their consumable folders, notebooks, and workbooks. If you're an Avery fan, the 50% off is a great deal.  I bought the Avery 8160 White Inkjet labels.  With the coupon, I paid $6.50.

Staples also had a dollar deal that I grabbed.  I need this frequently:

The last deal was from Amazon.  My students use their individual white boards constantly, so they go through dry erase markers like crazy.  We're given 3 class sets of markers during the year which is wonderful, but that isn't often enough for us!  Amazon is offering a dozen Expo chisel tip black dry erase markers (low odor - yay!) for $6.99.  If you have Amazon Prime, there's no added shipping cost, so that's just over fifty cents each.

And finally, I'm planning on making some punch cards and magnets for my classroom.  I recently bought another Groupon for Vistaprint ($17 for $70 of product).  From now through July 22nd, Vistaprint is having a 50% off sale.  I haven't read the fine print yet, but wouldn't it be nice if it applied to everything I want?  That would mean that I could get $140 worth of awesomeness for only $17!  Add the 7 Day Select free shipping to that and what a deal!  You know where I'm heading right now!

Happy shopping!


  1. I need to get more of those pens. They're my favorite! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Love your Mary Poppins lunch box! Still one of my favorite movies.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh...thank you for reminding me I need to print my classroom website magnets through Vistaprint. I better hurry up and get it taken care of this weekend.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'