Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Snapshots or Making the Most of Summer's End!

July 27. . .Can it really be the end of July already?  That means I have this weekend and next before it's time to kick my Back to School routine into full gear.  It seems that I've conveniently misplaced that To-Do list I wrote up a month and a half ago which means I might as well just focus on having fun these last 9 days of summer break.  I think I did a pretty job of it this week so I'm linking up again with Miss Nelson for her Saturday Snapshots.  I apologize in advance.  I got a bit carried away with picking photos this week!

My husband and I took Aggie (wild one #2) out for lunch.  A year ago this wouldn't have been possible with all her anxiety issues, but she's almost a 'normal' dog now and actually seems to enjoy going out in public.  After lunch, we walked down to the waterfront, but it was blustery cold so we cut our stroll short.  I know what you're thinking...blustery cold in July? You've no doubt heard the quote: "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."  Trust me.

This is one of our dog beaches.  Um, where's the beach?
Monday was spent in Sausalito visiting with my long lost, very first teaching partner from back in my Texas days. Fourteen years is far too long between visits!  Here are a few photos from our day:

Fort Baker's view of the Golden Gate. I never get tired of seeing this.

We didn't actually see the One Million Acts of Kindness guy, but it serves as a good reminder.

We're still eating salt water taffy.  The cake batter flavor is amazing!

Buddies with the One Million Acts of Kindness guy?
The owner of this bike was riding 9,000 miles to stomp out bullying.
Left to right: My daughter (the newest member on my teaching team), moi in the middle, and Jeanie (first teaching partner from Texas).

Tuesday found me at the Lakeshore Learning Outlet.  Who knew such a place existed?  You have to hunt for the good deals, but they are there! Hours later, my daughter and I managed to fill two shopping carts with goodies for her new classroom.  

Shopping cart #1
I did do some work this week.  Okay, it's not really 'work'. It's fun. I'm hooked on making brag tags for our fifth grade team.  Here's just one of the MANY that I've made this week:

And what would summer be without MORE camping?  The husband and I decided to try taking all three wild ones for a night up on the river.  It went great, not at all what I had expected!

The Wild Ones: Tucker, Aggie, and Gus. We NEVER get a picture like this with all three just chillin'.
Getting these 3 to sit next to each other without wrestling is nearly impossible.
It looks like Tucker (background) has fallen asleep while standing.
Actually, he just hates being wet more than being gritty so he dries off in the sand.
Lucky us.
Gus handled all the water retrievals.

Aggie taking a much needed break.
Departing is such sweet sorrow.  They're pleading for just one more toss.

Tuck obviously isn't ready to head back up to the campsite.

This little guy crawled through our site.  Loved his enormous shadow.
Phew, you made it to the end of my week.  One more week of summer fun coming up and then it's back to Room 24.  Which isn't a bad thing as I'm itching to get back in my classroom. For now though, I'm off to see what everyone else has been up to this week.  Hop on over to Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera! and take a peek for yourself.


  1. Lori your pictures are beautiful. Your dogs are too. I love San Francisco and I had to bring sweaters when I was in a wedding one summer. So is your daughter teaching right beside you ? So much fun

    1. We have three teachers on our fifth grade team. One is my daughter and the other is one of my best friends. How perfect is that?

  2. It looks like you guys had a blast. I love the picture of the One Million Acts of Kindness bus! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love your pics! Your dogs are beautiful! I have an Aussie! They are so much fun!

    1. Since you have an Aussie, you can appreciate the amount of effort it takes to tire them out!

  4. Aggie is a great name for a dog. The pic with Tucker was laugh out loud funny! Gorgeous pics

    1. Thanks! I didn't realize that Tucker was doing that until I downloaded my photos. It looks like he passed out.

  5. Your pictures are stunning! They are so clear and crisp. Those of San Francisco should be used in a tourism brochure. I would give my eye teeth to shop at Lakeshore Learning Outlet. All of our teaching supply stores left the area... online shopping did them in. I just got started on brag tags... LOVIN' them.

    1. Angela,
      We've had the same thing happen here with independently owned teaching supply stores. We used to have at least half a dozen within a 50 mile radius. Now we just have Lakeshore.

  6. I love your pictures! Great shot of the bridge! And your dogs are beautiful.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  7. OMG! I am in love with your dogs! I had a beautiful Aussie, named Brandy (she came already named), and your Aggie reminds me so much of her! I love your pics of San's such a beautiful place! Happy to be your newest follower.

    Shafer's Shenanigans 

  8. I love the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge! So gorgeous.

  9. We used to have an Australian Shepherd - she was a great dog - but very active!

  10. Gus looks so much like a dog I had growing up...he was the sweetest--but yes, energy galore! It looks like you had a fantastic week, and congratulations to your daughter! I work with my mom (she's our librarian) and it is awesome.

    Kindergarten A to Z

  11. LOVE the shot of the Golden Gate!! Your pooches are the cutest! What river were you camping at? It is beautiful!

    Chelsea :)
    Fifth Grade Wit and

    1. Chelsea,

      It's the Russian River in Duncan Mills, CA. Such a pretty area. The coastline is gorgeous there.