Saturday, April 6, 2013

Five for Friday-ish

I've decided that even though it's Saturday afternoon, I'll link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday Linky Party.

This has been my Spring Break week so there won't be anything school related in this post.  The whole point of Spring Break is to take a BREAK from school.  That's EXACTLY what I did!

1.  I flew to New Mexico for the first five days of my break.  My son and his wife recently moved to Albuquerque.  I haven't seen them since last summer when I visited them in Germany so a visit was long overdue.  I've been THROUGH New Mexico, but never TO it so this was a first for me.  I fell in love with the high desert scenery! The trip was the perfect balance between sightseeing and relaxing.  I'm looking forward to a return visit soon!

The view from my son's place.

2.  Petroglyphs.  Some might think of them as examples of ancient tagging.  Maybe they are.  But I think they are simply amazing!  We spent one morning in Boca Negra Canyon scouring the trails for petroglyphs.  I think I managed to take a picture of every single one of them!
Boca Negra Canyon

3.  No matter how much fun a trip is, there's nothing like coming back home.  Walking in the front door and being greeted by my 3 Aussies is the best welcome ever.  I miss my pups when I travel.  After 5 days in New Mexico, I realized I still had 5 days left of Spring Break!  The dogs seemed pretty jazzed about that too!

Tucker and Gus welcoming me home (Aggie is the
camera shy one in the upper right corner).

4. I was stranded for 2 days without my car (see #5 below) and was feeling more than a bit sorry for myself.  Luckily, two of my best friends took pity on me and came over to rescue me.  We went down to First Street and ate lunch at the First Street Cafe.  Great friends, yummy food,  good conversation and not a single worry about work.  Combined with a little bit of window shopping, it was a fabulous way to spend the day.

5.  Spring Break wasn't all fun and games though.  Three warning lights decided to light up the dashboard in my car this week.  It looked a bit like a slot machine in Vegas except that there was no chance of hitting a jackpot.  So I brought the car in to the dealer to have it checked out and to get the 90,000 service done.  The first estimate was just over $900.  I didn't flinch too much at that since there was an issue that needed to be resolved and I was getting routine service done. By afternoon, that estimate rose to $1200.  This time I definitely felt a twitch!  Ouch.  This was now cutting into my summer travel funds.  To make matters worse, they needed to keep my car another day. The following day, the estimate peaked out at over $3000!  Aye-yi-yi!  There goes my trip to Italy this summer!  There is a happy ending though.   Honda has agreed to give me the $1700 replacement part at no cost (more than the equivalent for my airfare to Italy!) and Andrew, my service rep, gave me a healthy discount for the incovenience of not having my car for two days.  My faith in Honda has been restored and I think Andrew is my new favorite person!  Here's the final cost:

Not sure what the deal is with the Total Charge For Concern.  I had plenty
 of concerns, but apparently they had none because they
didn't charge me for any.
So that's my Five for Firday-ish on this last Saturday of Spring Break. In less than 48 hours, life is about to get hectic again.   Once we hit the classroom door on Monday, Spring Break will be just a memory and we'll be gearing up for state testing.  But I swear,  if I try hard enough...I can almost see summer vacation just around the corner!

Head on over to the linky at Doodle Bugs and check out what everyone else has been up to this past week.

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