Sunday, February 3, 2013

February?  Already?  How can that possibly be?  Seems like just yesterday I was putting name tags on wonderfully clean desks and now I'm typing up a class list for Valentine's Day.

Here's my Currently:

Listening:  There's nothing that makes me smile more than ukulele music.  Whenever I listen to it,  I'm transported back to Maui.  I can almost feel the warm sand under my feet.  So I'm listening to Iz Kamakawiwo'ole at the moment.  It's a nice way to start my Sunday morning. Which leads to:

Loving:  I haven't stepped out of my comfort zone in a while and my brain was feeling a bit stale. I've found the best remedy for that is to try something new. A few days ago I noticed this advertisement in the window of our local music store:

So of course, I bought myself this:

Yep.  I'm the proud new owner of a Cordoba ukulele.  I smile just LOOKING at it!  The fingers on my left hand are so sore right now, but the young man at the music store assured me that it won't be long before my fingertips toughen up.

Thinking:  The Super Bowl commericals game won't start until 3:30, which leaves hours for adventure.  We're thinking about getting the dogs out for a hike this morning.  It has to be someplace where all three can have their needs met.  Tucker needs space for some frisbee tosses, Gus needs a place to swim, and Aggie needs squirrels to 'tree'. 

Wanting:  There are never enough hours in my week to do everything I need to do AND everything I want to do.  So I want a nine day week.  Here's how I'd break it up:  Five longer school days would be nice.  I can't fit everything I want to teach into our current day so a longer day would work well for me.  With the nine day week, I wouldn't mind a longer teaching day because then I'd have a four day weekend!  One entire day could be spent planning and I'd still have three days to relax.  

Needing:  Oh those writing papers!  Five paragraph essays.  I've got a stack of papers to grade and I know I should just jump in and get it done. Ugh.  I don't know how high school teachers do it.  The thought of sitting down to read through term papers makes my eyes roll back in my head.  There isn't enough wine on this planet of ours.

Pet Peeves:  Unsupportive parents.  I love my parents, most of them anyway.  There are just a few who think it's more important to make excuses for their children not turning in school work rather than hold them accountable for it.  There are a few who don't think having mastery of basic math facts is all that important in fifth grade.  We're talking basic addition and subtraction, not just multiplication and division.  I'm going to write two letters this weekend.  The first will be the one I WANT to send home to these parents and the second one will the one that I'm actually ABLE to send home without having anyone file for a restraining order against me.

Okay...on with my day!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!




  1. I totally agree with the unsupportive parents. I started e-mailing a note this week when students didn't have homework turned in. I had several parents thank me and many that didn't even respond. It is hard to care more about a student's success than the students or the parents.

  2. Hi Lori! I am visiting from Farley's Currently bloghop :)
    Unsupportive parents scare me! I am student teaching right now so haven't had too much direct contact with parents but I am graduating in a few months and know that I will have to deal with it soon! I hope everything works out.

    Miss L
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching

  3. I agree with you whole-heartedly on needing more time!

  4. Hi! We're your newest followers thanks to Farley's currently linky! Your pup is so adorable!! I LOVE his eyes! Wouldn't it be awesome to have a dog as a class pet?! I can totally relate to unsupportive parents. I have one lovely Mom this year who thinks it's easier to do her child's math homework rather than have him to it. The mom even makes her handwriting look bad to make it look like the kid actually did it.Really lady?? I like to say "I may be young, but I wan't born yesterday"! unbelievable. Have a great night!!!
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