Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now THAT'S What a Vacation Should Feel Like!

I'm sitting here in front of my laptop getting ready to do some lesson planning and it occurred to me that something is out of sorts.  Something just doesn't feel right.  I have only two days left before heading back to work and I'm usually feeling something akin to dread.  Well, maybe dread is a bit harsh, but I usually feel a bit anxious and a tad melancholic.  Instead, I feel content and relaxed. I feel rested.  Whoa!  What's going on?  Should I pinch myself to see if this is a dream?

So what did I do differently during this break from work that has left me feeling so... so energized?  Well for one, I made this vacation a vacation.  A novel idea, I know, but it's not something I've ever done in the past. Sure, I brought work home, but I kept it packed out of sight until this weekend.  I resisted the urge to do a little bit of work each day.  I've always rationalized that as the best plan of attack.  Commit to an hour a day of work.  Chip away at a little bit of lesson planning each day.  However, let truth be told,  I'm one of those people who lets the 1 hour turn into 4 hours and before I know it, another vacation day is gone.  But not this time.  This time I actually took a break from work and it has made all the difference!

While I am excited to see my students on Tuesday (Don't hate me for starting back with a 4 day work week!), there are four things I'm going to miss:

1.  Being able to use the restroom whenever I want to.  Those of you without bathrooms in your classroom know what I'm talking about.  Now I have to actually put thought into when I drink water and how much coffee I consume in the morning.

2.  Long early morning walks with my dogs.  They'll be completely confused when I head out the door without them on Tuesday.

3.  Going to bed at night completely relaxed knowing that there's nothing that I HAVE to do the next day.

4.  Naps.  That one needs no explanation!

I'm curious to hear what it is that you'll miss most as you go back to work.

I hope your winter break was everything YOU needed it to be.  I know mine was!


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