Thursday, August 30, 2012

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized that we're already at the end of August!   Is it too early to say that this school year is just flying by? I thought I should post a few pictures of what my room looks like now, at the beginning of the school year, because who knows what it will look a few months down the road.

Our Windows

I'm not very crafty.  I'm even less crafty with one arm in a sling, but my daughter insisted something be up on the window.  This was her creation.  Those are little surfboards in the waves.  I had the kids create their own.  My teaching partner took it a step further and had her students write acrostics on their surfboards.  They came out really cute, so I'm filing that idea away for next year.

My daughter taking a much needed break.
This was the year for the old paper to come down (LOVE fadeless paper) and a new brighter look to go up on the walls.  I'm waiting for someone to tell me to take down the pom-poms in the corner.  Surely they are against some sort of fire code or else they are likely to set off the motion detectors, but for now they're up.  One of the kids said it made the room look like we were having a party.  I agreed and said we were celebrating all the learning that happens in Room 24.  

Desks ready for Back to School Night

Back to School Night went fairly well.  We don't usually have a great turnout, but I did have almost half of my families show up.  On the desks: student writing folders,  "Thanks for Popping In!" popcorn, a few announcements, my business card, and a cute piece of note paper for parents to leave their child a special note.

The pennants are hanging in the back of my room.  From day one, I tell my students that I'm not getting them ready for 6th grade.  I'm getting them ready for college.  Somehow this always seems to make them sit up a bit straighter in their seats.  Later in the year, I have my students start researching schools that they might be interested in.  I know, they are only 10 years old, but many of these kiddos don't believe they CAN go to college.   Why not change that thinking?

Here are a few more pictures of Room 24:

Our Job Chart
Our Writing Wall.  
Our shared journals are a big hit!

That's it for now....time to get ready for another day in Room 24!


  1. I LOVE your idea of hanging college pennants. A majority of my students come from disadvantaged socio-economic areas and, although sad, most will not have the opportunity or support system needed to continue to on to tertiary education. I think that your idea is so motivating and a wonderful way of supporting your students in their educational careers. I will definitely use this when I set up our classrooms for next year!

    Miss A

  2. Your school sounds much like ours. I have no idea what the state of financial aide might be when these kids graduate from high school, but my hope is that there WILL be money available for them to go to community college at the very least. Breaking through generational poverty is difficult at best, but without a goal and a plan, it is even less likely!