Monday, July 30, 2012

Let the Shopping Begin!

Summer Shopping Linky Party!

I wrote this post before seeing the Summer Shopping Linky Party, but thought I'd jump in with it anyway.

I'll start off by admitting that I am a bit off my 'A' game when it comes to back to school shopping this year.  There have been a few delays.  I spent the first two weeks of July in Germany and then came home and had shoulder surgery.  I can't drive yet, but I'm not letting that slow me down.  I have some serious catching up to do!  So I offered my daughter (a fledgling teacher looking for a job) a free lunch with Mom.  All she had to do in return was chauffeur me around and serve as my shopping side-kick to take advantage of those silly quantity limits that stores impose on their sale items.

Remember, I'm a bit rusty . . . but here are our stats for today:

We bought four packages of Expo markers at the regular price of $5.69.  I know, doesn't seem like a deal . . . YET . . .  Afterall, that IS full price.  You're probably thinking, "Some smart shopper she is!"

But with those four packages, we got all THIS for free:

Four boxes of crayons, 4 pencil sharpeners, 4 rulers, and FOUR more boxes of Expo markers!  All FREE!  So far we've spent $22.76.

Then we bought 4 packages of Bic mechanical pens for $0.25 each.  There are 5 pencils in each pack, so that's $0.05 per pencil.  A cheap addition to my prize basket!  Total spending is now $23.76.

Next, we tossed six packages of pens (60 pens) and four packages of pencils (40 pencils) in our cart.  One of my goals this year is to see if it is possible to have more pencils and pens than I would ever dream of needing.  It seems like they disappear as fast as I put them out and the whole "I don't have a pencil" deal is not a battle I am willing to fight anymore.  So I'm stockpiling them.  If there's a global shortage, you'll know who to blame. At $0.10 per package, we shelled out another $1.00.  Total spending is now $24.76.

Finally, it was time to see what we could get for a penny apiece. I come from the tail end of the penny candy era.  Yes, there really was a time when you could get a root beer barrel or a licorice rope for a penny.  Think you can't get much for a penny these days?  Think again.

We got 2 reams of copy paper, 4 packages of paper clips (100 count each), and 40 two pocket folders.  That's a total of 46 items for a penny each. Which, let's do the tough math now, equals $0.46.

Our grand total for the day (no I didn't include the lunch I had to buy, although I did get one of our meals free with a frequent diner card) was $25.22.  In years past, I've done much better, but this isn't bad for a one-armed shopper and her trusty chauffeur!

Bring on the sales flyers!  I'm just warming up!

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