Friday, July 27, 2012

First Day Jitters Blog Hop!

It doesn't matter that I've been doing this for years upon years, the first day of the new school year always brings the jitters! Ashley from Fierce in Fourth started this First Day Jitters blog hop and I decided to jump on in for my first 'hop'!

 Three things that I'm a bit jittery about:

 1. Will I be able to start the school year off with my class? An odd jitter, but I had shoulder surgery 2 days ago and still don't know if I'll be back to work for the first day of school. The not knowing is driving me crazy!

 2. If I'm not back to work, I am more than a bit jittery about building a community with my class when I do get back into the room. We all know how important those first few weeks of school are for establishing routines and getting to know one another. I'm hoping I can find an awesome guest teacher to fill in for me if I can't be there.

 3. This year our school will be implementing a campus-wide writing program. I know nothing about it at this point as it is currently being developed. Usually when something new is headed our way, I have the summer to read about it, dabble with it, and get it all figured out so I can hit the ground running. I have no clue what it is going to look like! Yikes!

 What first day jitters do you have?  Join the blog hop at the bottom of this page!

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  1. My friend had shoulder was no fun. I hope you heal quickly and are able to be at school on the first day. I found your blog through the Jitters Blog Hop. I hope you can visit back and check out my blog.