Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quick Check!

Monitoring student progress is an everyday, ongoing process in my classroom.   A short three to five question assessment is usually all I need to get a snapshot of the level of understanding on a given standard.  My students use our Quick Check form to record their work for these mini assessments.

QuickCheck form

Most of my Math Quick Checks are done first thing in morning.  I write the problems and the standard being assessed on a Quick Check form and place it under the document camera. My students know to check the board as they come in.  If there's a Quick Check posted, they grab a form before going to their seats.  They fill out the top of the form and then copy and solve the problems.  They usually have about 5-8 minutes to complete the Quick Check. Obviously, the length of time will depend on the complexity of the problems.

As I check the assessments, I group students according to the types of errors they've made.  At some point during the day, I pull those groups for a few minutes of intervention.  Oftentimes, it's just a matter of a quick fix and the student is back on track.  For some students, a more intensive reteach session is necessary.  

The Quick Check form isn't limited to assessing Math standards.  Students can use the form to record short answers for reading comprehension questions.  I love using the form for vocabulary assessments.  Sometimes I'll post the vocabulary terms and students will write the definitions or vice versa.  I can also post the vocabulary terms and have students write original sentences that demonstrate their understanding of the terms.  

Another way I've used the form is to 'Show What You Know!'  At the end of a Social Studies or Science lesson, I have students write down 4-5 important concepts they've learned.  For example, students might be asked to list 4 technological advances that contributed to the expansion and success of European maritime exploration. This allows me to check in with my students to see who 'gets' it and who doesn't.

I love my Quick Check form.  It's been a simple way for me to monitor student progress.

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